Eminem/ The Re Up mixtape review

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Drug dependence, the murder of your best friend, the collapse of your marriage can break an individual. After the flood of issues in which Eminem was literally drowning during the last months, many people thought that the skilled rapper would retire from the rap game.
However Eminem is a stand up man with that thick skin that allowed him to resist to life tempests.
Eminem is back with his crew, stronger than ever, bringing to you his new hard worked on CD, the Re Up mixtape.
Joyful violin sounds, gunshots, hammering drum beats starts Shady Narcotics which is the prelude to the mixtape in which Eminem introduces his crew: D12, Obie Trice, 50 Cent, Stat Quo, Bob Creek and Cashis.
From the oldest to the newest members, everyone has his precise place and plays his role in this valuable team work.
We’re Back: the shady soldiers are back, more offensive than ever, with razor blades alike works. Big mouth running haters be ready to be punched right in the face. Eminem, Obie, Bob Creek, Cashis and Stat Quo will smash the jealous hoes in the game. Any underground artist aims at becoming mainstream someday: so don’t hate, congratulate!
Gunshots, numerous violins, a dark bassline totally situate the context: the arise of a lyrical battle is imminent.
The heat increases as Obie Trice spits lyrical bullets on a Pistol Pistol sample.
As the sky gets cloudy and darker, you can smell the smoke in the air. Bizarre and Kuniva reinforce the roughness of the hell of a murderous ambience. Be ready for war while keyboard, drums and dark « murder » vocals combined with some gunshots will portray you the Detroit hood like it is.
I think that Bizarre and Kuniva’s beautiful performance needs to be pointed out. I recommend you the song. Don’t sleep on that one.
Everything Is Shady: let Cashis take over in the scurrilous themed song.
The Shady gladiators are teaming up and will leave their enemies lying lifeless, lyrically speaking.
Eminem and 50 Cent introduce you to The Re Up in a rhythmic beat box mode. The song is beautifully rhythmic, Eminem’s vocal performance is well handled from the beginning to the end. 50 Cent will keep on with the same beautiful spirit that will remind many of you of the Get Rich Or Die Trying album. Good job!
You Don’t Know is a classic, already. I reviewed the song and the video a while ago.
Jimmy Crack Corn is based on a Yellow Brick alike musical background. The song is provocative. Eminem humors those who are running their big mouths in the rap game.
Trapped will feature RIP Big Proof as a tribute to the gifted fallen D12 soldier.
When Swifty and Kon Artis unite their talents, bombs are thrown on the scene. Swinging beats, light piano sounds mixed up with violins and keyboars will totally enhance the « killa » track.
Chord sounds, harpshichord notes, light piano sounds, a good dose of offensiveness, sharp and incisive words will underline Bob Creekwater’s good performance. Bob Creek is one of the most underrated Shady Records signed artist, but he is nevertheless talented. Check him out!
I fully enjoyed Eminem’s Public Enemy track that gets political and offers some insight about assassination plots.
Eminem fully masters his flow and shows some good lyrical skills on the well handled song.
Eminem concludes the mixtape with No Apologies. In a long monologue, Eminem shows some lyrical dexterity and confronts critics. No apologies for being himself and for speaking his mind. The « arsenic writer », the lyrical genius is back with some beautiful, poetic lines:
« My head hit’s the pillow, a weeping willow, i can’t sleep, a pain so deep it bellows
But these Cellos help just to keep me mellow, hand’s on my head, touched knees to elbow
I’m hunched over, emotion just flows over, these cold shoulders are both frozen, you don’t know me… »

Monotonous piano and keyboard sounds contrast with the sudden introduction of bells and violins. Marshall Mathers’ voice and lyrics are an outlet for the bottled rage. The song fully enlightens Eminem’s lyrical mastery. I love the track, because it is unique in its creativity and outshines all the excellent tracks of the Re Up.
Globally speaking the Re Up enlightens the whole Shady Records crews’ artistic collaborations. Eminem is so sorry to disappoint all the people who nearly buried him lyrically and artistically. The tight emcee is backed by his crew that also shows some good skills.
The Re Up is worth your interest. I’d strongly advice you to own it in your hip hop library.
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8 thoughts on “Eminem/ The Re Up mixtape review”

  1. Thanks, Donna:)
    Yea, there will be a new D12 CD, Em confirmed it recently:) only good music in perspective…i am impressed with Em’s effort, this CD is great:)

  2. I give The Re-Up 4.5 stars since the perpose for this album is droped down by the outshine stage of Eminem (this album should be an introduction for 2 new menbers from shady camp) 🙂
    And by the way,I’ve heard that the first 2 verses from “no Apologies” are from his old verses.
    Jimmy Crack Corn is DOPE!

  3. im sorry the 2 verses in apologies is not old lyrics trust me u mus b confused!!!!! i think this guy needs to re-think as well as re-up

  4. the re-up is a top album it has beeing realised today in scotalnd and i was rite down to buy it as i have been em’s top fan since the slim shady lp and before but this is dope and i recommend it to y’all

  5. i think the reup is good but could be made better if some songs wernt in it like trapped whcih is shit

  6. I have been searching the net for reviews of the new em mix cd and sum retarded you were like on 2 other sites. It seems you in the buisness of pissin people off. Anyways em is a liyrical monster and if he had a different shade of color might be considerd the greatest of all time

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