Eminem Is Back mixtape review

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Musically speaking which of « both Eminem » do you prefer: the Eminem of the days of Infinite or the recent Eminem who made the Encore album?
If you ask me to state a very honest opinion, I will answer straight away with no hesitation: the lyrical Eminem of the days of Infinite!
Do you fans from the early artistic days of Marshall Mathers remember the Slim Shady/ Royce 5.9 collaborations? Probably yes. Do you miss them? I bet you probably do as well.
Let me take you back to the year 2000 and introduce you to the Eminem Is Back mixtape that will allow you to fully appreciate Em’s huge level of lyrical skills combined with some very valuable artistic collaborations such as Royce 5.9 and the Outsidaz.
Hellbound is a quite known Eminem-Master Ace collaboration based on a Slim Shady Fuck The Planet freestyle combined with Master Ace’s own words. Bells, keyboards, crazy ass beats fully enhance the mad lyrical atmosphere.
Nuttin To Do contains some explosive well researched and hilarious lyrics mixed up with some catchy beats.
Anybody who is familiar with Royce’s former work will recognize the She’s The One melody that has been intelligently remixed by both Bad And Evil accomplices Ryan Montgomery and Marshall Mathers.
ThreeSixFive is built on dark piano notes, rhythmic beats and synthesizers. Feel the insecurity, the monotony and the gangsta flavor of the track that is provided by some crusty lyrics and dark atmosphere. Slim Shady’s part is scary, demented and -of course- lyrical.
I particularly recommend you Scary Movies, another deep Royce-Em collaboration in which both artists’ talent come to shine. Numerous violins in the background, bad scary noises, shouts, incisive lyrics will introduce the listener into the hell of a terrific lyrical ambiance.
Rush Ya Clique is introduced by some swinging guitar sounds in the background, hammering beats, some raspy voices. The Outsidaz’s scurrilous attitude combined with Eminem’s inventive and spicy lyrics instantly draw the listener an insecure picture of the whole crew whose association is a dangerous lyrical bomb dropping. Explosive? Yes, handle with care!
Hustlers And Hardcore is constructed on rapid knife alike piano sounds and an incredible good flow delivery. Enjoy emcees spitting hot fire.
Rock City is certainly one of the most beautiful Eminem-Royce collaborations. Guitar, electric guitar notes, scratches, excellent beats and two emcees of great talent make this track a great Detroit underground classic.
The song is also a wonderful tribute to the D Town.
Macosa is a rhythmic track built on drum sounds and a good artistic flow delivery. In fact, Macosa is a popular Cameroonian dance and the part of the « mamasse- mamassa- mama-macossa » is a well known part that is sung by Cameroonian folks. (If you doubt me, go listen to Manu Di Bango’s
intrepretation of « Macosa » on the saxophone. Manu Di Bango is one of the most popular Camroonian musicians who has worked on the popular « Macosa » theme.)
The African theme is worked on with incisive and eroding lyrics that will make you bleed hard.
If the Eminem Is Back mixtape is not in your hip hop library yet, you should definitely consider grabbing the CD, because it offers an interesting panel of various artistic talents. A good use of the instrumentals a good flow delivery, some spicy lyrics and a dark gangsta flavor make this CD highly enjoyable for the listeners’ ear.
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  1. It’s been awhile since you heard from me…i’ve been laid up…with a back problem…
    I agree with you isa…i love Em’s early days…i listen to a lot of his old stuff…

  2. Isa, i know Em presents the Re-up with other artists…but is there any news when he’s going to drop his own album…

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