Dr Dre/ Detox The Millenium Of The Aftermath mixtape review

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Since the announcement of the preparation of Dr Dre’s long awaited Detox album, many people made a lot of speculations about how the album should or would look like.
Dr Dre himself let the eager listeners literally starve out of hunger, giving them- from time to time- a little breath of air by creating Detox alike mixtapes. One of them is the less known Pretox I had the chance to listen to in 2005, the second one is the Millenium Of The Aftermath, whose title might be Detox, but that isn’t the real Detox album.
I wish I could take my phone, ring the notorious Dr Dre and tell him to hurry up with the real Detox. Since I can’t promise to do that to my readers, I will prompt to review Dr Dre’s Millenium Of The Aftermath instead.
The Millenium Of The Aftermath’s colorful introduction is rich of many artists’ voices including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and of the Dre 2001 flavor. The one and only D-R-E is about to speak out, so shut up and listen!
My Life featuring D.O.C is an interesting remix in which Dr Dre tells his story in the Cpt since the beginning.
Still Dre starts in an offensive way. Light instrumentals contrast with hammering drum beats on the Still Dre lyrics combining Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg’s talents. The new melody totally fits with the well known Still Dre lyrics.
Put It On Me is a well handled Dr Dre – DJ Quick collaboration. Nostalgic sounding female vocals are married with Dr Dre’s hardcore lyrics. The instrumentals totally enhance the hardcore explicit track where both artists’ talents shine like the sun on the beach in the middle of the Summer.
Let Me Ride is started with some Spanish vocal that are then mixed up with the traditional G funk sound and numerous keyboard sounds. Like the astute master cook Dr Dre actually is, the skilled artist spices up the track with various sounds, enhances the taste with different style composures in order to keep his listeners hungry for more. The listeners will testify that year after year, they appreciate Dr Dre’s musical dishes more and more.
Life As An Outlaw is based on a gunshot musical background. The dark and unsafe atmosphere is provided to you by the Dr Dre and his accomplice Slim Shady. Let both cow boys entertain you with a Far West flavor. The lyrical part is fully mastered. I enjoyed the story telling dimension of the song to the fullest.
This Is How We Do is a remix of the well known Game-50 Cent collaboration.
Crocked Cops will transport you into the Compton hood brutal environment. The female vocals reinforce the struggling atmosphere of black men fighting against the cops. Welcome to hell. Welcome to the world of racial discrimination and unfair trial when you were born with the « wrong skin color ».
Bitches Ain’t Shit is a rhythmic track built on keyboard sounds and
Catchy drum beats in which Dr Dre disses « bitches and hoes ».
Blaaw is a Dr Dre- Hitman collaboration. Piano notes, scratches, a dark bassline totally fit with the hostile lyrics from two skilled emcees who will erase haters instantly. Say your prayers and be ready to get shot by their lyrical bullets.
Aftermath combines Eve, Stat Quo, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes’ participation. I didn’t feel that track too much to be very honest, because it lacks originality in my opinion.
Higher is lead by The Game. Hammering piano mixed up with numerous violins suggest some gun talk. The Game will take you for a ride to Compton. Enjoy the West Coast style and the passion that prevails in this song.
If I Get Locked Up Tonight is the kind of Eminem-Dre songs that I particularly like. Offensive, inventive, built on a rich musical background, hilarious, murderous, what do you want more from Slim Shady?
That’s What It Is is an interesting patchwork made of a trio between Biggie, Eve and Tupac. Piano, keyboards, violins, swinging drum beats, hot lyrics, a rapid flow delivery will allow the listeners to discover a new dimension of good quality gangsta rap. Don’t sleep on this track.
From Tha Bottom is Stat Quo’s philosophical reflection about the impact money has on an artist’s behavior.
Globally, Dr Dre managed to increase our hunger with the various panel of styles and artistic collaboration The Millenium Of The Aftermath has to offer. However, I hope that the real Detox will drop in a near future for us to taste its subtle flavor with delight.
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  1. I recently saw an Eminem interview…Em says Dre saved his life…Dre is good hearted…and drops some of the hottest beats…
    Nicely written isa…

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