Americaz Nightmare/ Mobb Deep album review

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Electric guitar sounds mixed up with drum beats flood into the listeners’ ears while Havoc and Progedy shoot offensive bullets from their mouth. Welcome to the Valley of Death. Havoc and Progedy perfectly outline the frozen atmosphere of the hood.
Win Or Lose’s soft female vocals and entertaining melody contrast with the total fight atmosphere of men who are not only determined to make some ‘chips‘, but also to target the top of the world.
Flood The Block is beautifully enhanced with electric guitar sounds. In the hood, you either ride or die, which is totally summarized in the song. You like it raw? Then Flood The Block totally fits your needs. Two men are on the run in the hood in a constant overheated atmosphere in which guns and drugs are part of the landscape.
Dump is an interesting Mobb Deep- Nate Dogg collaboration that enlightens the group’s lyrical skills. Nate Dogg’s dark voice combined with the great Mobb Deep lyrical performance allow the listener to penetrate into the assault ambiance. The ‘Shoot Em Up’ song contains a zest of the typical gangsta savor.
Got It Twisted is based on numerous violins that allow the listener to foresee the offensive atmosphere of the track. Let merciless Havoc and Progedy step up in the club and take over. Terrorizing hood soldiers will leave opponents with no voice.
Siren sounds mixed up with soft keyboard sounds introduce When U Hear The. The song slowly leads the listener into the hell of a hood where guns, partying all night, drama, the misery of HIV positive people, the hidden enemies increase the high emotional, suffocating and hardcore atmosphere of the track.
Shorty Wop represents young thugging in the streets. Feel heat that is expressed through the swinging beats and Mobb Deep’s hot flow delivery. Picture young thugs hunting girls in the hood.
Catchy beats, a various mixture of keyboard sounds, raspy voices characterize One Of Ours Part II. It is all about the hard hustle in the streets: you gotta sweat hard to get the money.
On The Run is as unsafe and offensive as the preceding songs. No time left for overacted softness, the ugliness of ghetto life is truly exposed. Both emcees leave a cold as ice ambiance behind them while the instrumentals suggest an unpleasant routine in which they are unwillingly caught.
Deep Never Change offers a social analysis of life in the hoods. Some things (the murders, the kids left on their own, the quest for money, the constant hustle and the hoes, corruptness.)
Globally, Mobb Depp’s Americaz Nightmare is an insightful piece of work that unveils the reality of the ghetto. Mobb Deep don’t care if their CD is a shock value. The truth has to be told and the truth is all that matters in the end. Put their CD on your player if you haven’t done it yet: the album is definitely worth a listen!
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