Some good old Detroit flavor brought to you by 5ELA

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RIP Proof, Mudd and Thyme’s characteristic dark bass notes and catchy beats, a combination of hardcore and syncopated lyrics, raw and raspy voices are Detroit hip hop connoisseurs’ delight. The trio created some good tracks in the early 90’s.
Among those tracks, the song Crazy. The pornographic accents of the song might shock some puritan mentalities, but hip hop lovers will probably appreciate the song to the fullest.
The song, that is full of dirty descriptions, is beautifully enhanced with RIP Proof’s raspy voice and the rhythmic beats. Lyrically the song enlightens the trio’s skills. The monotony of the guitar notes contrasts with the rapid drum beats while the sudden interruption of the artists’ voices generate an overall impression of surprise. Crazy track dedicated to a girl nicknamed « Crazy ».
Thyme Solo allows the listener to fully appreciate Thyme’s extra rapid delivery. Get caught in the middle of a lyrical spiral and feel the passion of a man who lives for the love of hip hop. I recommend you Thyme Solo by any means.
Trademark has been featured on Da Shady Spot mixtape 2005. It is a beautiful example of what hip hop masters can do. Overheated lyrics will make the listener feel the struggle and the dedication to the rap game. The well handled track is an astute composition of swinging beats, a mastered flow and good lyrics. Taste it with delight!
During the last decade, 5ELA has been too much slept on. The talented Detroit group definitely deserves more recognition from the world.
Check out 5ELA here.
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  1. Lovin’ the article, and to speak of good ol’ Detroit yall gotta check out DPZ of Aciator-Records. This kid straight out of Detroit is about to show the world another side of the music biz with his mixtape release The Alter Ego due in early 2007. Check his freestyles, at

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