Strike/ Flip Flop Paint/ song review

Artist Name: Strike
Location: Detroit
Genre: hip hoprap
Average rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Also known as 8 Mile’s Lickety Split, Detroit underground emcee does not only show his skills in Eminem’s movie. The talented artist has released some brand new tracks. Among those tracks, Flip Flop Paint attracted my attention.
Dark keyboard notes are the prelude to Strike’s lyrical assault. The song has some typical raw accents coming straight out the Detroit hood. Strike and his Mountain Climbaz’s dark voice. For those who don’t know yet, the Mountain Climbaz are an incredible association of extremely gifted . artists like Journalist 103, Animal Chief, DJ King David and Strike himself.
While the instrumentals draw a sophisticated, dark and surrealistic atmosphere, Strike blesses the mic with confidence. The song is worth gold lyrically. Like a volcano, the whole crew erupts, causing a rupture in the earth’s surface, spitting hot rocks at their enemies, eventually leaving them lifeless.
Flip Flop Paint will allow the listeners to travel virtually through the hostile D, where the hustle in the street is a constant survival rule.
Creative, enhanced with some good instrumentals and beats, enlightened with some noticeable vocal performances, Flip Flop Paint is definitely a song you should not sleep on.
Listen to Flip Flop Paint here.
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