A judge estimated RIP Deshaun Holton’s life at $ 2000 last Tuesday

How low should human values decrease until we realize the inestimable price of human life? This is the question that is currently running through my mind after reading an article that was published at All Hip Hop Com.
The man who fatally shot RIP Big Proof (and who probably shot his cousin Keith Bender at the same time), Mario Etheridge, is now a free man- after paying a $2000 fine!
Two witnesses (one of them is Mudd of 5ELA, Proof’s long term friend) have confirmed that the events that happened in the night of April the 11th did in NO WAY corroborate with the press’ official version. There are great chances that Proof’s murder, Mario might also be his own cousin’s murder, according to precise testimonies.
Proof’s autopsy might have revealed traces of drugs and alcohol, but no gun powder could be found on his body.
Being a fan and big supporter of Big Proof’s music for years, I have followed his life and career with attention. I have also followed the events that followed his tragic murder on April the 11th, 2006.
The more I gather and analyze facts about Proof’s death, the more the evidence of a jealousy murder appears to me. Proof has been nothing else but a victim. The man who managed to create that typical Detroit hip hop spirit also made a big impact on many people through his music. Unfortunately, talent and success created a lot of envy. Some people in the hood hate you to death when you achieve success.
Big Proof was about to be Detroit’s next raising star. Similar envious people would cut short Detroit underground emcee Blade Icewood’s life and career.
A few days ago, a judge counted Proof’s life as nothing when he gave his worthless verdict in favor of Mario Etheridge. Mario, you might have escaped from human justice, but remember that divine justice won’t miss you.
I am deeply saddened by this sentence. Again, I can’t get rid of the thought that Deshaun Holton died for nothing.
It is now up to the family, friends and supporters to keep a talented artist’s memory alive, so that Derty Harry’s music can live on-despite all.
Thyme Will Tell.
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3 thoughts on “A judge estimated RIP Deshaun Holton’s life at $ 2000 last Tuesday”

  1. I find this story to be sad…to put a price on someone’s life…and such a low price as that…it makes me wonder just how much our lives are valued at…and who sets the price on self worth…
    This makes me sad, but more mad than anything…a man’s life is valued at $2000…i can’t stop thinking Proof died for nothing…and him and his life was only valued at $2000….so sad!

  2. RIP Proof…as long as you live in our hearts…you will not be forgotten…my prayers go out to Proof’s family and friends and fans…

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