Tired of your daily routine or in need of comfortable accommodation solutions?

Have a look at Borneo Life, then go to www.borneolife.com
Why Borneo Life?
Borneo Life offers holiday packages which can be tailor made for you including accommodation in the equatorial rainforest of Malaysia or the paradise island of Bali in Indonesia. Holidays with a difference – these are ideal for businessmen, families or retirees.
Or have you ever dreamed of buying a place in Bali, Indonesia or Kuching, Malaysia?
Borneo Life has some luxurious properties to offer you. Just take a look at the magnificent Riverbank suites and the Santubong Suites apartments. These come with facilities such as gym, pool, parking, 24hr security etc…make the first move, you won’t find such a good deal anywhere else. We can provide a A-Z service including financing and full management.
For more information email to support@borneolife.com
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4 thoughts on “Tired of your daily routine or in need of comfortable accommodation solutions?”

  1. Isa – I don’t understand why you posted this information. I went to the site and was not impressed. Not much there. ???

  2. Isabelle, re this ad, do you personally know of anyone who has stayed in one of their apartments before? Thanks, Jess

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