Let me revive your emotions if you went there like me…

or share with you the intensity of my first Eminem concert at Paris Bercy in 2003 thanks to this snippet that has been posted on you tube!
It is a great moment of joy, even three years afterwards. Enjoy:)

7 thoughts on “Let me revive your emotions if you went there like me…”

  1. can ya post some of them,
    I have seen a lot of them after the concert in the internet on different fanpages, but I cannot find them anymore.
    What a pity, em had to cancel the last shows here in europe last year

  2. I can’t find them any more either…i had some on my former computer, but i lost all of them files…yea, it is a pity Em had to cancel the concert…

  3. Hey, cool leriane!
    I was in Essen too.
    And I already had some tickets for Hamburg, but then Em cancelled the tour 🙁 First I was a little bit pissed, cause I lost 60 Euros mail charges .. but fuck it – healthiness is more important.
    And I’m sure soon or later he will be on Europe-Tour again.
    Definitely I will visit the concert then 🙂
    Greetings, Nathalie

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