Xzibit/ Concentrate/ video review

Averate rating: 4 stars
Many people might not be conscious of it, but the spiritual and material world are deeply interconnected. Let rap master Xzibit transport you into a Japanese temple. An old monk is reciting the same mantra while Xzibit is accompanied by some sexy girls starts rapping on very rhythmic beats that are punctuated by gong sounds.
Let Xzibit introduce you into a spiritual world made of meditation and levitation that will contrast with his material words towards the girls who are shaking their bodies. The moves are perfectly married with the intense beats and the monk’s repetitive mantra.
The video offers you some beautiful kung fu scenes. Everybody moves with ease. The pretty girls make it difficult to concentrate.
Once again LA legend Xzibit, Mr X, has shown his immense talent. The video is creative, original and certainly not what an average listener would expect from a « shake that » alike song. The mantra and the rhythm combined together make the cadence highly enjoyable.
Lyrics do matter, for sure, but Xzibit has given a new sense to the word rhythm through his pulsating song.
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