Sooner or later, the truth will shine…

April the 11th marked the end of an era with the tragic shooting of Deshaun Holton better known as D12’s Proof at the CCC club in 7 Mile. A true ambassador of hip hop’s life had been taken in Detroit. For those who knew the man and his music, Proof proudly represented his city and was promoting it on an international scale. He was Detroit hip hop, regardless of what haters might say.
Biased journalists with no real knowledge of hip hop culture were keen on drawing the picture of a merciless thug when they talked about the emcee.
Proof’s wife, Sharonda Holton is here to testify that Proof wasn’t the bad guy the media want people to believe he actually was:
“I didn’t believe the story of Deshaun shooting someone. I’m going to still say that, because I knew The DeShaun I married. He had entirely too much to lose. Now, I will say he was a fighter. He will scrap. But cold blooded murder? I don’t think so”
(Sharonda Holton)
His family and his friends never believed the press’ fabricated stories about Proof. Neither do the people who have been in depth into the artist’s music. Proof appeared to be sensitive artist, who was real in his words.
After the drama had happened, I sensed a lot of hostility from the Bender clan who even created a demeaning my space account to make fun of Proof’s horrible death. The Bender family was trying to sue Proof’s estate. I find it particularly hypocritical when Mario Etheridge’s aunt dares to claim that Proof was a trouble maker. Moreover, who is she to state that « Proof deserved that bullet in his brain »? :
“ I think it’s all lies. This is the biggest load of crap I’ve heard in a long time. My nephew is not a violent man. He was trying to protect his cousin from that violent thug, and look what happened. This rapper has a history of violence throughout the entire police department and has a reputation of starting trouble. He deserved that bullet in his brain. If anyone looks at his criminal record and you made a comparison to my nephew’s, with sense, you can only come to one conclusion.”
As a matter of fact, Proof had some criminal records. The talented emcee was known for his quick temper too. However, it doesn’t make a cruel person nor a murderer of him. This early morning of April the 11th (which is also close to the version of an anonymous witness that appeared in XXL July issue), somebody was obviously trying to get rid of Proof, supposedly out of jealousy, if we consider that the main argument revolved around the « king of Detroit title ».
Calling Proof a murderer is surrealistic when we perfectly know that nobody was able to find any trace of gunpowder on him at his autopsy.
Of course, we don’t know exactly what happened, except that two men, Deshaun Holton and Keith Bender lost their lives. According to a witness’ statement, it looks like Keith started it all:
“I was talking to a chick and then, all of a sudden here comes keith bender bumping into proof, and all I hear is Dadadadadada..!” (from an anonymous witness »
I am happy to know that Mario Etheridge had been found guilty of weapon charges recently.
I sincerely hope that he will be trialed severely for using a firearm. You don’t stop violence by violence. Mario Etheridge should have called 911 instead of pulling out a gun.
There are still so many dark zones regarding the CCC club drama of April the 11 th. Hopefully the justice will make further steps to make light on the whole affair for Proof’s name to be definitely cleared.
Deshaun Holton inspired and still inspires numerous people through his music. He will never be forgotten.
None of us, whether family, friends or simply fans will ever accept the « evil monster » image some biased media wanted RIP Proof to endorse.
Living Proof of Detroit hip hop, you will never be forgotten.

Copyright2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

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  1. Nicely written…Proof will live in our hearts forever…he will not be forgotten…whether it is by family… friends…fans or wonderful journalists like you Isa, that keep his spirit alive…Thank You Isabelle…

  2. Is,
    Can you repost the collerbation with the Detroit record company…i looked , but i can’t find it….Thanks!

  3. Here is a story worth reading.
    In 2006 Proof was killed at a bar in the city of Detroit, MI. Before Proof was murdered, he was married to Sharonda Holton. The couple separated, lived in the Suburbs of Detroit, MI. Proof lived everywhere, mainly his studio, while the wife stayed in the home Proof bought for his wife and 2 kids to live in.
    The couple was separated for some time, and his wife was dating an unknown man on the side. They dated for a few years before moving to Fort Lauderdale, FL to get away from the rapper. Before moving to FL, the wife was reported pregnant by the unknown man. Actually, as shameful as it is, I heard that she was pregnant while she was attending Proofs wedding, but not with Proofs child. Photos, that have not been leaked yet, show the Widow and her new boyfriend at the Detroit Metro Airport heading probably for FL immediately after the funeral. Proofs wife received a donation from Proofs best friend of $400,000.00. She also had received Hundreds of Thousands of dollars from Royalties. We estimate that she blew a million dollars or more. The two moved into a huge home that was actually on the same block as rapper TRICK DADDY.
    With all this new money, Sharonda Holton started her new life over in Florida, and lost control as my sources have told me. Sharonda went for broke after only a few years. Living a life that she was used to, she over did it. Sources say, that She even sold her 2007 BMW 750 that Proof was given as a birthday gift by eminem for his birthday. The couple had a baby boy, and are now broken up. No word on if they got back together, but the Widow moved to Georiga in 2009, where she resides with her 3 boys. Maybe she let the new guy spend all the money, or maybe she had a shopping bug, who knows. The widow was removed from head of the estate for not paying her attorney fees, and misusing money that belonged to the estate.
    In 2003 Sharonda Holton opened up her own clothing boutique in Royal Oak, MI which closed down 2 years later for unknown reasons.

  4. None of that is true and to all of you haters.Mind yo business this is whats wrong with black people always thinking you know shit and don’t know a damn thing.Go get a fucking life let proof rest in peace and stop painting a negative picture of his wife because truthfully its all wrong and there are two sides to every story and as far as it being told its noones fucking business,,Get a life assholes..get a life.MOst people in detroit are haters anyway and people make up lies about everybody that does good..Get a freaking life.

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