Donna Kshir/ Dear Diary/ sample review

Money is the root of all evil. Money can’t buy you love. Don’t ever let money corrupt the pure essence of love or you might regret it as long as you live.
In her confession to her diary, Donna Kshir exposes a heartbreaking problem many women can relate to. Once in a happy relationship with Ryan, a man she deeply loved and still loves, a young woman pours her heart out while exposing her inner feelings in her diary.
Ryan used to be a loving person and probably an incredible lover too who deeply loved his partner. Time passing by, things changed. Ryan let the greed for money change his heart and corrupt his soul. The greedier you are, the angrier you get, because material possessions can’t bring you happiness and inner satisfactions.
Is love blind? Do women idealize the person they love? Certainly, yes.
Women in love always find sweet excuses in order to defend the person they love. Even heartbroken and rejected by their beloved one, they also refuse to envision the change of character that may have happened with their boyfriend or husband.
I have been there too and I perfectly understand it from a woman’s psychological point of view. We are the most likely to blame ourselves for his faults and misbehaviors. Even verbal and physical abuse won’t discourage them from defending a man who obviously has no excuses at his active.
Donna Kshir has a refreshing writing style that offers the reader some interesting perspective about a woman’s introspection about her own mistakes. She manages to captivate her readership with her sense of realness that is reflected through her words.
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Check out her sample writing and judge by yourself:
« Dear Diary–Confessions. page 1 Dear Diary, He’s late again. In some ways it’s almost normal. I know what to expect from him. In the beginning Ryan was a good man, a good person. We were so young, so much in love. We had so many plans, goals and most of all dreams. Over the years, money has changed Ryan. The more money he made, the more he changed. At times, I felt like he was a stranger. It’s almost like, I didn’t know him anymore. My problem was I loved him. I loved him so very much. I believed in him, trusted in him. Whether he was right or wrong, I stood by his side. It was partly my fault, I made excuses for him. When he blamed our problems on everything around us and everyone in our lives, for him changing. I blamed myself and allowed him to separate us from everyone and everything in our lives, that we ever knew. As the months went by and things didn’t get any better, I again blamed myself. I even blamed myself when he started abusing me. I blamed myself, I never blamed him, that too was my fault. He was right and I was wrong. In some silly way I thought, I must had done something to make him mad enough to hurt me. If I could only change, to be what he wanted me to be. If I could somehow be perfect, he’d love me again. If I could only make him see me and love me, like he did in the beginning. Things in our life would get back to normal, whatever normal is. It didn’t matter what I said or what I did to change myself. It didn’t change his feelings towards me. It only made him more angry and more violent. I knew in my heart, that I had been a good wife and a good person. I had been faithful throughout my marriage. I began to realize the problem didn’t lie with me, it was with him. He wasn’t the same person I fell in love with, he wasn’t even the same person I married. Years and money had made him cold and hard, I didn’t know him anymore. He was no longer the fun loving man, I once knew. »
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