Let It Fly, a brand new explosive Trick Trick song (review)

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Christian Mathis aka Trick Trick , Detroit’s truest OG, is back with an explosive gangsta track called Let It Fly.
Rhythmic keyboard sounds come to shine along with Trick Trick’s gritty voice. Here he steps up in the club with a true hustling style. If you like him, walk with him. If you can’t stand him, fear him as much as the demons fear God.
When Trick Trick is stepping up in the Detroit hood, a whole crew is here to back him up. Detroit is in the house, open up your ears and listen to Trick Trick name his homies and crews by their names: Goon Squad, the Street Lordz, Rock Bottom, the Cheddar Boys, the D12 « killa mercenaries », Purple Gang.
Trick Trick gives this beautiful raw dimension that is so typical to Detroit rap. The artist flows with confidence on a very rhythmic track . The talented artist manages to transport the listener into the streets of the Detroit hood from 6 Mile to 8 Mile where hustling games and gun talks are the common rule.
Trick Trick’s voice is intimidating and leaves no place for cowards. His message is clear, you better not mess with him and his crew.
« Throw your guns up and let the whole club know that you’re in this bitch! »
The talented Detroit emcee would barely leave a gangsta rap lover indifferent. Known in Detroit as a straight up G with an honor code (his reputation is preceding him faster than his shadow), Trick Trick is also an artist of great talent who has already years of work with his Goon Sqwad team behind him.
Check out Trick Trick’s brand new song and download it from here.
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