Rakim speaks out about Eminem

Watch the interview on You Tube.
The interview in itself is interesting, but I didn’t like the way the French interviewer tried to put Eminem down nor did I like the fact that he was trying to dissociate Em from D12. You could barely envision Em without D12. Not only have Em and D12 been collaborating since the 90’s, but they also have history together. It is a story of friendship between Detroit underground emcees sharing the same passion for the music and trying to make it.
Obviously, the interviewer was not aware of that.
Rakim, however, raised some interesting points regarding Eminem. I am happy to know that he considers that Em has some talent, regardless of his skin color.
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2 thoughts on “Rakim speaks out about Eminem”

  1. Whether you love him or hate him…you have to admit he has talent and skills above and beyond…keep spittin’ Em, we love you!

  2. It’s the price to pay when u’ve got a career like Em’s and to be 1 of if not the most interesting rap artist of the moment. Keep it real u got more friends than enemies

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