23 thoughts on “Beautiful and recent Kim Mathers pic (credit to Mojo In The Morning)”

  1. She has really changed since their June 23 court appearance…or maybe it was going from the dark hair and brown eyes to blonde hair and blue eyes…girl has changed!

    Isa, I’ll never know how you stay on top of the game…your site has the best info out there…nicely done!

  2. I have seen several Kim my space accounts, but they look fake as far as I am concerned….

    As for the “boob job” she got it years ago, as far as I know.

    Some ppl keep hating on her (mostly out of jealousy and envy), but those ppl should realize that they don’t even know her.

    She is really pretty on those recent pics:)

  3. I watched it and there is a blonde girl rubbing Biz’s chest and he dances with her , I think that is Kim. I didn’t think it really looked like her! But it is possible!

  4. No it is the blonde girl that is rubbing his chest and he dances with her and tips her back. I didn’t think she really looked like Kim, but that is supposed to be her!

  5. either kim gets extentions in her hair or it grows like a weed. i’ve never seen anyone change so drastically in photos before. she looks beautiful, it really is a shame that she couldn’t make em happy. it looks like they both need someone. by the way, i heard in an eminem interview that nobody in his family except nate has ever appeared purposefully in the public eye or a video, so it probably isn’t her in bizarre’s video

  6. Kate, i don’t know where you got this info about the family featurings in Em’s family, but i know for sure that Kim has already been in the My Name Is video…so either the interview is fake or Em didn’t keep his facts straight…

  7. in this part:

    “C’mere slut! (Shady, wait a minute, that’s my girl, dog!)
    I don’t give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off!”

    he’s in a car with a girl and that girl is Kim

  8. my brother is a plastic surgeon. i gave him and his mentor who has been in the biz 35yrs pics of kim when she was 1st with em and the one’s now. my bro said shes had her boobs done, lips slightly plumped w/ colegen, fat removed from chin, and a “mini” face lift, and probally lipo in the stomach/ hip area. total cost about 31,000$$. plus breasts need 2 be redone evry ten years. nice 2 know marshalls money is going 4 a good cause.

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