Eminem working on new album

Hip-hop superstar Eminem has further rubbished retirement rumours with the news he is working on a new D-12 album, which will include tracks recorded with slain bandmember Proof.
The Stan hitmaker fuelled rumours he was set to step behind the scenes when he pulled out of his European tour with 50 Cent last year and subsequently went into rehab to treat an addiction to prescription medication.
And the murder of Eminem’s best friend Proof in a nightclub in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan, in April was thought to have further distanced him from the hip-hop scene.
But he says: “The D-12 album and those unreleased songs with Proof are coming.”

3 thoughts on “Eminem working on new album”

  1. I’m so glad Em’s working again…it would be a shame for him not to share his talents with the world…i am very interested to hear the work with Proof…Proof had a lot of talent…he was taken to early in life…RIP Proof…you will “not” be forgotten!

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