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Rating: 5 stars
The Eazy-ECPT.com website owners found an original way to wish Eazy E a happy 43th birthday: they posted the We Want Eazy mixtape, a compilation of different artists’ remixes and work with or around the regretted Compton legend for download.
Maybe my own way to pay tribute to the artist of immense talent is to write a review on Eazy’s birth date.
So let me introduce you into the world of the Cpt thanks to many artists’ contributions.
We Want Eazy is beautifully enhanced by another variation on the Boyz N Tha Hood theme. Deep bass sounds, hard drum beats fully enlighten Julio G’s tight and rhythmic work. I really enjoyed the dark atmosphere that totally fits into Eazy E’s overheated speech.
Track 4 is a beautiful tribute from a daughter to her daddy (Eazy E) on Tupac’s Dear Mama sample. Eazy’s daughter’s thoughts pour from her heart and she shares with us how much her dad meant to her. Let the emotions take your into this amazing love letter. Not even death can erase the love we feel for our loved ones.
DJ PJ will lead you into track Nr 5 that is built on heartbeat alike beats combined with intense violin sounds. Guitar notes sometimes mix up with the hasrh violin sounds that appear to be surgical. The combination of both instruments lead you in the world of the unsafe.
Just To Let You know is beautifully handled and allows the listener to fully appreciate Eazy E’s lyrical talent.
I highly recommend you Ghost ‘s Eternal G track Nr 7.
Instrumentally, the song is very well worked on: rhythmic and dope ass beats, rapid guitar sounds that drop into your ears like heavy raindrops while lyrical bullets are ready to shoot you. I got hooked immediately. Don’t sleep on it.
Song Nr 8 is another Eazy E tribute that will allow you to enjoy flow combined with lyrical talent. It shows respect to a true OG.
Luv Them Gangstas is one of those good Ruthless sounding remix produced by Roop G. Welcome to Compton City. Enjoy the thuggish atmosphere of the track.
Hip Hop heads, nod your heads to Dirty Red ft Eazy E’s Any Last Werdz song and get passionate about the beautifully handled old school gangsta style. The dark bassline contrast with the lighter keyboard notes. Very rhythmic beats point out the typical gangsta track. You gotta love the dope ass beats, the good instrumentals and darkness and offensiveness of the lyrics.
The We Want Eazy is rich of 29 tracks. As the gangsta rap lover I actually am, I can tell you that I fully enjoyed each of them. I particularly recommend you Eternal G, Dear Daddy, Any Last Werdz, Tha Muthaphuckkin Real.
Trust me: We Want Eazy is an excellent piece of work. Download it from here.
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