Last post for now…

My internet has been messing all the time and I have been unable to write anything. I am about to leave my apartment…The Eminem Blog will take a little pause until I will be settled in London. I’ll keep you all updated. Be sure that I won’t give up my passion for hip hop and for writing…
Next time I will post from England…Thanks to my worldwide readership:)

5 thoughts on “Last post for now…”

  1. Have a safe trip…I hope all is well with you and your family. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. I wish you the best…take care…Much love!!!

  2. This guy desreves repsect ignore him being compared to Em obv he is nothing like him but i mean come on this guy is Autistic and look at whats hes doing hes actually going somewhere… ok ill say this he aint a great rapper but i mean come on half the rappers in the industry these days are terrible at rap anyway, 50 Tyson has the same skills as some of these fake MC’s but yeahh props to Tyson for gettin this far with his condition KEEP IT UP BRO

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