Ron Patterson/ Call That Love song review

Ron Patterson/ Call That Love song review
Rating: 4 stars
People who know me well also know that I’m not a big R’n’B fan. Very few R’n’B singers have owned my respect.
However, I discovered an amazing R’n’B artist on a Brooklyn rap website a few months ago. His name? Ron Patterson.
Ron Patterson has developed an original style of his own. The talented artist combines a warm and deep voice with some good instrumentals and a good rhythm . He manages to create a quite magical atmosphere while expressing his deepest feelings.
Call That Love starts on a soft piano melody combined with sweet harmonica and keyboard sounds. How many times have we taken love for granted with a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Love is a fire that needs to be nourished every day. A relationship needs to be based on confidence.
Even though it is difficult, a good dose of faith in your partner is required, even in bad times, in order to make a couple work.
Ron Patterson expresses it very well in his song. His voice has some very emotional accents that he manages to combine with a quite rapid rhythm.
I’m sure I increased your hunger about Ron Patterson. Discover more about the gifted artist here.
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