Dear readers,

I arrived safely in London with my kids last Tuesday. I have a lot of priorities to handle for the moment and I might not be able to post any article for a while, since I don`t have a permanent internet connexion for the moment. I am asking you all for a little bit patience. I will go on writing as soon as I can. Much love to you all over the world!

3 thoughts on “Dear readers,”

  1. I’m glad you arrived safely…I was wondering about you and your kids…if you were all ok. I saw on the news in a London airport twenty terrorists were going to blow up a plane…I don’t know all the details. But, I immediately thought of you and your family…I was just wondering if you all were okay. I’m glad you made this post…so I know your okay. Were all dedicated fans…we’ll wait!!! Best of Luck in your new life. Take care and much love!!!

  2. Yea, i heard that on the news too…that thing is quite scary…i might stay without any internet connexion for a moment, but well, we found a place to live, that s quite sth, we are not too far from Central London and the place is quite nice…i still have a lot of priorities to handle…i miss writing on the net very much…hope to be back asap though;)

  3. hay eminem
    glad you maid it safely in london
    hope you have fun with hailey
    and i do hope you wright music
    soon but dont rush it hommey!
    yo im a big fan and i wrout you 2 leter,s
    to ya and i hope you get theam soon
    cuz im hoping you can help me geting produced
    at aftermath and inerscope records
    please,please get back to me
    i no you can find me.
    peace out
    yo proof rest in peace love yall.

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