Adam Shoucair aka A.M.A: bridging the Orient with detroit hip hop

Adam Shoucair aka A.M.A is an Arab American of Lebanese origins. A.M.A stands for All Mighty Ameer.
His music is the mirror of his life, it is rich of oriental sounds combined with the Detroit flavor, reflecting his life in Lebanon and America.
Preview Club Girl is precisely an example of this astute oriental/ occidental combination of sounds. At the beginning, the listener is invited into a very festive and typically Lebanese sounding atmosphere: rich of buzuk ( a chordophone) and oriental flute sounds, the track is followed by A.M.A’s raps that will allow you to picture a change of landscape and picture yourself into a Detroit club.
This song is a must hear for all of you who are in search of original hip hop.
Decapitate has some raw and sarcastic accents. Welcome to Adam Shoucair’s lyrical world:
« Excuse Me’ while I de.cap.i.tate’ your Hate at a Rate of Impeccable resuscitation ‘in translation ‘This is my way of communicatin’ »
Violins in the background will make you feel the insecure dimension of the song.
All My Life is mixed up with the Islamic confession of faith and bomb sounds in the backgrounds. Feel a man on the run, trying to escape bullets. Anxiousness is reinforced by very rapid beats that make you feel situations with no escape. Adam’s world is unsafe and the listener will acknowledge it in no time.
Discover more facts about Adam Shoucair’s biography here.
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