People dare to steal my articles!

Ok…first of all…I’d like to address to the people who dare to come and steal the fruit of hours of work:
-I might not know who you are since you post what you steal under a hidden name on your worthless groupie forums. However, I’d like to WARN YOU. All of my work is protected under my copyright- in case you ever heard of the meaning of the word copyright. May I gently remind you that if I sue you about the articles you steal with no remorse, I WILL WIN IN COURT.
Each of my words is protected by Copyright © by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

and from now on my copyright will be added UNDER EACH POST! So i dare you!!! Keep on stealing and as soon as i will know who you are (it is quite easy to discover ppl’s identities on the net) YOU WILL GET SUED.
To the little disrespectful prick who stole my DMX review (you know who you are), I’m not kidding. Better remove it or at least add my copyright unless you want to get into some SERIOUS trouble.
To my regular readers, don’t be surprised if I add my copyright to each of my articles from now on.
I am pissed at all those bored and uncreative people who FEEL THE NEED to steal other ppl’s work without giving them any credit.
I have been working for three years as a freelance music journalist and i won’t let you steal my work as if it was nothing, bunch of assholes! Either you sit down with your lazy ass and write your own shit or you give credit to the people whose work you copy! I’m not cool with your behaviors and will never be. So now you know.
Copyright © 2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “People dare to steal my articles!”

  1. Isabelle,
    You go girl!!! You spend a lot of time working to get the articles to us…you and only you deserve the credit. Do whatever it takes to get your point accross. I stand 100% behind you. Just continue keeping us up, on the latest news…no one writes like you.

  2. I’m glad to have your support:)
    Some ppl are just so disrespectful…they come and take my stuff without even asking and copy it as if it was theirs… i am writing on here for a precise goal…i want to reach a deal with a hip hop mag and i will defend myself against article thieves as much as i can!

  3. You always have my support…I got your back. I hope you achieve your goal. I know you will…you always get the information first and it’s always “HOT”. Remember us when your rich and famous…hangin’ with Em. Please keep us posted on the Em and Kim news..we love it.

  4. Thanks…i really appreciate your kind words in this world made of rudeness and impolite ppl:)
    Of course i will keep you updated…i might not be able to post as often as usual at my arrival in London, but as soon as i will be installed there, i will keep writing.
    I value my readership…i know ppl read me all over the world, so how could i forget about you all? I love writing and i love sharing my info and passion for the music with ya all!

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