Very recent Eminem pic…

I really like this one…hope you all enjoy it:)

19 thoughts on “Very recent Eminem pic…”

  1. Hooooooooooooooot!!I was emailed the whole spread of that mag. There are more pics & he looks sizzlin’.Gettin’ in shape for Gun no doubt.:)

  2. I don’t know what mag it was but I’m in an Eminem group & they emailed me the pics. He’s power walking with some chick. He looks good sweating. 🙂

  3. wiecie co to troszke dziwne ?e nie pisze po angielsku ale nie umiem… powiem wprost chcia?bym pozna? Eminema pogadac z nim!!! to moje ma?enie które si? i tak nie spe?ni:( ale có? takie ?ycie!!! bardzo lubi? jego muze wprost kocham!! ubieram si? tak jak on i wali mnie to ?e si? innym to nie podoba!! ma, wszystkie jego p?yty!! ale chcia?bym jeszcze pojech? kiedy? na jego kacert!!!

  4. he just looks sooooo fit. Have u got anymore recent pics of him? I just found ur site the other day its just so good. Im from england and i was just wondering if ur from america

  5. No, I’m from France, moving to England soon…
    I posted the most recent pic of Em with the Proof tattoo a few days ago…

  6. I agree with Cheche and Faheema…he’s so fine. Keep the pics coming Isa. Isa, be safe on your travel plans to London…I wish you and your children a safe journey. Let us know when you arrive.

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