22 thoughts on “Good news: Eminem performed at BET Awards!”

  1. He needs to “stop with all the tattoos, theres just too many of them.” Wow, that is the most ridiculous comment I’ve seen on here. You obviously don’t get the symbolism behind meaningful work!

  2. wut it dew. EMINEM is da bomb love his music u never have too much tatts i love the new one u got of PROOF of his memory R.I.P. PROOF IN LOVING MEMORY

    R.I.P. PROOF

  3. EMINEM is the best rapper in whole world!!!!!!
    I love eminem and all his life,and I’m sad because Proof is dead!!!!!

  4. um eminem is amazing my life is pree much the same as his acsept im not a rapper. but yeah i have like all his CD’s and his movie 8mile best movie ever 🙂
    and i miss proof and his new tattoo of proof is some sweet shit and it sucks what happend to him.

    R.I.P. PROOF
    rest in piece.
    we love you

  5. Eminem is fuckin great!
    this tatt shows how damn much he liked and still likes Proof…
    Em is so amazing
    RIP Proof, love u, we’ll never forget u… damn, it made me cry when you died and when i think of ya death i still could cry

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