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  1. Good to see him back. Still a little chubby but he has lost a lot. I actually think he went on steroids for a bit, as he has bulked up, just not toned. His forearms are much bigger than what they were… Only steroids does that, not fat.
    What do you think Isa?
    Thanks for the images 🙂

  2. It’s sooooo good to see him back!I think he looks much better and i like the tattoo

  3. Merci, merci bcp!!!!!!!!!!! je viens de l’apprendre: trop contente et absolument étonnée!! C génial! Oui il a perdu bcp de poids et sa fait trop plais d ele revoir!!! Youpiiii! mdr

  4. I am just glad to see him back on stage! He looks great .
    I can always find what I am looking for here. Thanks so much!
    cyn (houston tx.)

  5. For anyone who missed Em on the BET Awards on Tuesday night, there were be an encore presentation on Friday, June 30 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

  6. I was sooooooooo happy & surprsed to see him on the B.E.T. Awards. It’s been like forever since I saw him on that station. He looks sooooooo much better. I know he has big things planned. I just didn’t know it would be so soon. He lost some weight & looks great. He’s defenitly sliming down for Gun. I hope he get’s through everything. I’m just sooooooo happy.

  7. I just wanted to respond to the person who said they thought shady might have been on roids. Hey imagine the life style changes you would have if you had millions. You would have all the best supplements, best trainers, high qaulity foods. Plus while you were sitting at home on the computer or wathchin TV he was in the gym. Wake your lazy ass up, don t u know with commitment comes result. People don t need roids to gett biggg especially when you gotts $$$$$$!!!!

  8. yeah I’m happy to see slim back to thats my dog word up
    word up some people say shady trying to act all hard well thats there opion on that one shady is the best white rapper ever beside pit bull but I thank shady can beat pitbull i’m rapping

  9. Good to see the legend himself bak in business, looking well and still spittin his lyrics with that sick flow!!!!!! (South London, England)

  10. omg i wuz so surprised when i heard that em performed at the bet awards. I knew that he wuz gonna get back on gear soon but not so soon. i can totally tell he has lost a lot of weight(hes probably not on steroids) and he made a fast recovery from proof. luvv the the new tatoo!!!

  11. Hey, it’s nice to see eminem again. I’m really glad to be able to hear him and see him sing on the stage, I’m so excited about him. he’s so hot. he did really good on his weight. I luv you,

  12. I LOVE EMINEM (R.I.P. PROOF) he an’t on roids ya people r HATERS cause ya can’t look as fine as him

  13. About the roids… yes, he has gotten a lot bigger than he used to be. Could he have gotten that much stronger merely by lifting weights? Of course. But many actors, rappers, singers, and other stage performers don’t like lifting weights, they just want to look big so they look good on stage. So is it possible that Eminem is / was on steroids? Definitely. But we can’t day for sure. I think he probably was, I mean, look at his past history of drugs. I like his rap, but he isn’t exactly a clean person.

  14. I’m glad to see Eminem once again. Eminem is a true legend.

  15. eminem is the best raper out there im glad too see him make a comeback hip hop is too boring with out him. that performance was the shit can wate for his new album and last but not least R.I.P TO BIG PROOF

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