Eminem and D12 raise money for Proof’s family (PR inside article)

EMINEM and his fellow D-12 rappers have licensed a production run of the T-shirts they wore to slain bandmate PROOF’s funeral to raise money for his family.
Proof – real name DESHAUN HOLTON – was shot dead in a Detroit,
Michigan, nightclub in April (06) after he reportedly opened fire on a bouncer at the CCC venue.
Close friend Eminem paid his respects during an emotionally charged service claiming, “Without Proof, there would be no Eminem, no Slim Shady.” He is now urging fans who also wish to commemorate Proof’s life to wear the same Big Proof Forever T-shirt he sported at the ceremony, and buy a limited edition poster at BigProof4Ever.com.

One thought on “Eminem and D12 raise money for Proof’s family (PR inside article)”

  1. I wish we all had friends like Em. To lend a helping hand when you or your family is in need. Without family and friends what do we have? NOTHING!

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