Discover Yung Felon, another member of Tephlon Records

Yung Felon teaches you the reality of the streets of Chicago.
Ain’t No Rules is introduced by some dark bass sounds, rhythmic beats contrasting with lighter violin and bagpipe notes. Yung Felon is telling you his story. Follow him in the hood where survival is a constant struggle. Ain’t no rules on the streets where murder is law.
His words are winged and run on high speed. Enjoy the instrumentally rich track to the fullest.
The Struggle is an incisive track that will make you bleed like knife cuts. Yung Felon never shies away from drawing a realistic and quite dramatic picture of his daily environment made of life takers, right stealers and rhyme biters.
For sure, the man can flow and will introduce you into a universe with no mercy. A nice violins background combined with keyboard sounds will make you feel the harsh struggle in an environment where faith is necessary more than anything else.
Dark, offensive, Yung Felon appears as a menace in his I Am A Threat. A menace to his rival rappers. Lyrically murderous, Young Felon spits his rhymes with confidence.
Run Dis Do My Niggaz is a club song. True hustler, Young Felon will allow you to step up into a filthy universe made of bitches and pimps. Watch Yung Felon and his fellows run the game.
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