Eminem appears in Macomb Court for divorce hearing (Det News article)

MOUNT CLEMENS — The first hearing in the divorce proceedings between rapper Eminem and his wife, Kimberley Mathers, was held behind closed doors Thursday in Macomb Circuit Court.
Eminem, whose legal name is Marshall Mathers, entered court through underground tunnels and secure elevators early Thursday to second-floor courtroom of Court Referee David Elias, who was sitting in for Circuit Court Judge Antonio Viviano.
Kimberley Mathers entered through the court’s main entrance with her lawyer, Michael Smith. Following the status conference, she was escorted out of the building by a Macomb sheriff’s deputy to her Lincoln Navigator. They declined to comment after the nearly hour-long hearing.
A settlement conference is scheduled for Sept. 19.
This is the second divorce proceedings for the couple. Eminem filed for divorce on April 5, just 82 days after walking down the aisle at Rochester’s Meadow Brook Hall.
In May, Kimberley Mathers filed a counter-complaint in Macomb Circuit Court in response to Eminem’s divorce petition. She is asking that she and Eminem share joint legal custody and that she be awarded physical custody of their daughter, Hailie, 10. Additionally, she is asking for financial support.
The original divorce papers filed by Eminem cited the reason for divorce as “a breakdown in the marriage relationship.” Eminem and Kimberley Mathers were first married in June 1999 in St. Joseph, Mo. He filed for divorce in August 2000. The divorce was finalized in October 2001.
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2 thoughts on “Eminem appears in Macomb Court for divorce hearing (Det News article)”

  1. Let me start by saying I’m a huge Em fan. I know many people are Anti-Kim. But, she has really cleaned up her act. I was really hoping it would work for them this time. They have been threw so much together. As many times as they break up they make up. I feel bad for the girls. They have been threw so much. Hailie wants her parents together…and what about Whitney? I think Marshall realized that when her wrote When I’m Gone…he admits to doing wrong too.
    But, then after 82 days of marriage he left her again. Maybe there is some truth to what Kim is saying. We all doubt her…but, what if she isn’t lying. He has always had no problem speaking out when Kim’s wrong…an now he’s being private because of his family. What’s up with that? Somehow the truth will come out. I wish I was a mouse in their house for the 82 days they were married.

  2. Oh, When they go to court in September…Keep us updated. I hope to see another Kim pic. I’m blown away by the recent pic of her appearing in court…After I saw their wedding pic.

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