24 thoughts on “Recent Kim Mathers pic…”

  1. je suis convaincue que ce n’est pas elle sur cette tof de mariage lol ni Em d’ailleurs, c’était du foutage de gueule en beauté cette tof…Em ne voulait pas que la presse diffuse des tofs donc pour moi ce truc c du 100% fake…

    oui, je suis d’accord avec toi, elle est jolie sur cette tof:)

  2. thank you fop posting it. i knew as soon i read the article yesterday that she was photograhed i could depend on you to find the picture. you are awesome at what you do. i am a faithful reader of your writing- everything from haircare to all the best in hip hop news. for that i thank you.

  3. This website is awesome…it has all the current Eminem and Kim news. When I heard they appeared in court…I knew you would have the scoop. I was hoping you had a current pic…She looked so different in the wedding pic…too good! I heard she has many tattoos…Do you have any pics of them? Keep up the good work…You and your site is the BOMB!

  4. Well I’m not sure that I believe that this is her yet, but if it is…then at least she changed for the better. 😀

    this site really is great you keep it updated better than any other site that I have looked at. keep up the fabulous work 🙂

  5. I have to wonder here because in this recent pic she has no makeup on. c’mon we all know that with all the makeup that she had on and a good photographer that it could very well have been her and if I am remembering correctly her hair was brown and in this recent pic it proves her natural color is brown. Hmmmmm. Thanks for the picture I wish I could find more. Because I too have been wondering about that dolled up pic. All the other pics of her are old and she is chubby.

  6. After leaving my first reply I have since looked at many more pics. I even found some of the wedding from above like in a helicopter and even though it is at a distance you can make out the dress and the hair ornament as well as the hairdo that is in the people mag photo. I do believe at the angle that it was taken and a pic of eminem also in the red cap (keep in mind they do have umbrellas over them but she turned back as if to talk to someone so you could see her and em IS in the red ball cap as well) I believe it is Kim looking her very best in the photograph. Papparazzi do not need eminem to sell his photos. DUH! She arrived in a white stretch limo and he in a black stretch. Too bad it didn’t last. I think PEOPLE Magazine is too reputable to post a fake and can make you look great in a picture.

  7. I’d never doubt she is a good person…i always hated the way the press pictured her as a monster…to me she is a normal person whose mistakes have been exposed on the media…and yea, i know about Dawn.

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