Street Child/ Murder In Georgia/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
Street Child is back with a brand new diss aimed at Gucci Mane.
In his song, Street Child addresses to Gucci Mane who first dissed Young Jeezy and Jay Z first.
Offensive keyboard sounds are combined with some gunshots and Street Child operates with knifelike words. Gucci Mane gets stomped lyrically, words run from Street Child’s mouth like rapid bullets from a gun.
It is sometimes funny to see how much weak emcees like Gucci Mane talking about big emcees like Jay Z who already made it in the game- mostly out of jealousy.
Some underground emcees have the talent and keep grinding until they reach success. Some others- the bitter ones, the untalented ones are often big attention freaks. Most of them are conscious that their whack songs won’t make them famous, so their non hidden strategy is to target a famous player in the game and to talk shit about him. Nobodies like Benzino did that with Eminem, some other untalented guy from Detroit I won’t name would use the same kind of rotten strategies in order to peddle his worthless Cds.
Street Child totally exposed fakes like Gucci Mane and managed to make him look ridiculous. The rapper from Virginia has some good skills and will make you, listener, enjoy the lyrical murder of Gucci Mane.
Enjoy the well written song here.
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3 thoughts on “Street Child/ Murder In Georgia/ song review”

  1. Im Feelin This Review Because Honestly It’s True Today Rap Is Not The Same What It Use To Be, Back In The Day It Was About Life, The Struggle, Comming Up…And Today Record Sales Are Sold on Who Can Talk about Killin More people and Making More Money, If we be honest here comparing gucci is a joke to Jay-Z, So Many More People Including Myself have respect for Jay-z Then Gucci, Gucci Been Underground for a long time, but he had one mainstream hit and where is he now?…And Jeezy yes he’s new to mainstream but he’s Been Underground for a long time and had respect for alot of artist comming up, Dissing Jay-Z is Just Stupid, He Not Gonna Come Back at you, he could cough on the track and they would be feelin him more then any1 who went against him, He Earned His Respect, He’s Been Putting Out Real Records, So People Comming at Jay Needa get off his dick, Also There Is So Many Better Underground rappers then these mainstream kats who be talkin all fake shit, people in the streets, in my hood and other citys get killed everyday Over dumb shit it’s just crazy, This Kat Street Child on the real should be getting deal offers like crazy, he got respect for alot these kats n he be helpin alotta kats out and on the real his music alot better then these niggas you be hearin on the radio thats all i gotta say -1-

  2. to me this street child or whatever is doing the same thing by hitting on gucci mane to me all rappers hit on somebody thats at the top because at the end of the day doesnt everyone in the rra game want to be number one, beside who is this street child anyway where i’am and as far as i know he’s a nobody. Maybe you need to try and hit on somebody else becasue hittig on guccie mane still havent got you noticed lol

  3. To me, those are the words of a dumbass…who doesn’t seem to know much about hip hop.
    to your info, this website’s purpose is also to help promote unsigned rappers.

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