Young Miles: hot fire straight out the 313

There is a hot new talent on the Detroit underground scene that you’d better not sleep on, because he is pure fire. I am very enthusiastic about this artist named Young Miles, because he is a very complete hip hop artist. You will be able to enjoy his skills, his instrumentals and his flow as well. Like Detroit emcee Lazarus, Young Miles is also a great player when it comes to lyrical battles. He puts his rival down in no time with his incisive words full of humor. Watch him battle against Critical in presence of RIP Big Proof and Bizarre and the brilliant emcee will make you share his passion for hip hop. He rips his rival off with no mercy, so enjoy the spectacle.
On his my space account, you will also be able to discover Young Miles and X- Factor’s Fuck Mookie video.
The video has those typical raw Detroit accents. His words aimed at his enemy are sharp as knifes. Young Miles and his fellows proudly represent 8 Mile. The voices you can hear on the video are dark, offensive, surgical, ready to rip off people who are running their mouth for nothing. Mookie gets ridiculed to the fullest by three emcees who master their art.
The comparison with Kriss Kross is funny as well. I never liked that kind of hip hop that I consider as weak as Bow Wow’s appearances on TV.
Mookie’s manhood gets questioned with lots of humor and irony.
Young Miles will make you appreciate his diss track to the fullest.
I Got A Story To Tell is built on an oriental melody and some catchy beats. Listen to a thug’s story. Young Miles raspy voice gives the track its particular flavor.
Is It What It Is is introduced by some soft piano sounds and rhythmic drums that will increase the overheated atmosphere. A true OG doesn’t leave any place to the fakes.
Young Miles has some obvious artistic qualities: a quick flow delivery, some good instrumental, creative lyrics and a strong personality.
What’s the prognosis? Young Miles is probably going to make it big in a near future.
Discover Young Miles here.
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