Learn how to be content and appreciate life to the fullest

Too many people are keen on pointing their finger at the half empty glass instead of seeing the positive side of life.
Many people send their days complaining about things they don’t have instead of being satisfied with what they already have- and I am not talking about money or material possessions only. No, I am talking about your state of mind.
No matter if you’re rich or poor, the way you look at life influences your life to the fullest. So you’d better have a look at your inner thoughts.
Are those thoughts made of happiness, constructive thinking, progress etc or are they full of resentment towards other people, overwhelmed with anger and a dissatisfied mind?
We all experience ups and downs and I am not talking about temporary discouragement due to our every day life. I am talking about your state of mind and your vision of life.
If you’re not satisfied with little things while being poor, let me tell you that you won’t probably be happy when richer.
You gotta learn to be happy, being content with the little things life can offer, like even birds singing outside.
The beauty of life lies in little things and if you don’t take attention, you will reach the end- without having enjoyed it at all.
What pleases my mind most is to listen to the music, to describe it and having a readership. But I also value little things, like having a walk with my son, sitting near a lake with a friend, dancing to the music etc…
I have learnt through personal experiences, like the accident that happened to me last December and that left me with a broken bone in my back (I am recovering from it, don’t worry) that life can stop any time and at any age.
Do you really want to pass away and to have missed the most important?
My advice to all of you is to enjoy life to the fullest, to care less about your enemies and envious people. Cherish the moment, be content and each moment will be worth living.
Positive thoughts will make you progress, negative thoughts will bring your demise. It is always time to make the right choice.
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