Tired of your damaged and extra dry hair? Follow my advice!

Oh yea … well … this article has nothing to do with the music, nor does it fit into my usual philosophical posts. I promise you to go back to my musical articles and reviews straight away. However, there is something I’d like to share first with my female readers in particular.
I managed to solve a problem that kept bothering me since June 2005 and I will be more than happy if I can offer some help to my female readers who are going through the same bullshit than I did.
I do dye my hair very often. My hair is already fragile, since it is blonde bleached and I have to re-do my roots every 5 weeks.
I stopped going to a salon to get my hair done when I realized that my hairdresser damaged my hair as much as I did at home. After one year of regular contact with my hairdresser my hair looked dry and wasn’t manageable at all…
I was unable to comb my hair. The hairbrush didn’t help either. I have spent a lot of money on my hair buying masks, new shampoos, and all kind of products that promise you a smooth and shiny hair.
I didn’t buy them at the supermarket, I went to special hair care shops and bought expensive products like Schwarzkopf shampoos, creams and masks. The more I was using them, the drier my hair.
I was desperate. A few months ago, I went to an other hair salon- just for an advice, because my hair looked horrible.
She advised me to cover my hair with a warm and wet towel over my conditioner- which I did. This improved things a little bit. My hair became softer, but still wasn’t manageable.
I took vitamins in order to improve my hair’s health. I did anything possible and things didn’t really change!
What could I do? I didn’t really know.
Last time I went to my usual supermarket I found some Monoï oil.
I already use it for my body, but I decided to give it a try for my damaged hair.
Let me tell you what: Monoi oil is the solution to your damaged hair and the good news is that it costs less than all those chemical hair masks!
So please ladies, if you are suffering from extra dry and dry hair, follow my advices, because this will restore your hair to the fullest.
1) Use a shampoo with the right PH and that is adapted to your hair condition (avoid alcohol components in ANY case)
2) Put all of your chemical bullshit masks and creams that promise you wonders into the TRASH and don’t ever take them again!
3) now you are probably asking yourself about how to apply Monoi oil onto your hair.
It is very simple. Either you apply it on your dry hair before you make your shampoo (be careful, don’t apply it on your scalp, just on your hair). The gently massage your hair, put a wet and warm towel onto your head and let it pose for one hour.
Then rinse your hair carefully, apply your shampoo, rinse once again.
Don’t use any hair drier. Just let it dry naturally. It will be brilliant, softer than you ever had it before.
You can also apply your shampoo first, dry your hair with a wet towel and then apply Monoi oil on your wet hair. Cover your head with the hot and wet towel for one hour. Rinse carefully. Then let it dry naturally.
I have my hair back. It looks good and I am very happy with the results. You have nothing to lose, so try it out. It actually works!
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4 thoughts on “Tired of your damaged and extra dry hair? Follow my advice!”

  1. This is great! I’m so glad you found this miracle product and shared the information! I have never seen Monoi oil in the States. What kind of plant does it come from? If any of your States readers have seen it, please respond. Thanks!
    I have heard olive oil is also good used in this same way. Sesame oil, too.

  2. We regularly use Monoi oil in New Caledonia. Monoi is the result of the maceration of Tiare flowers in coprah (coconut oil).It originally comes from Polynesia and is used in South Pacific for the care of the skin and hair. People who are used to go into the sun use it to tan faster (but there’s no protection and it’s quite dangerous.Don’t use it if you’re not used to sun and if you want to avoid wrinkles and cancer!but prefer sunscreen).
    This oil is very effective to nourrish hair, soften skin. If you want to avoid being stung by jellyfish, put it all over your body before swimming into the sea.
    However, DO NOT USE Monoi on your hair when you go into the sun: the effect will be the exact opposite of what you’re execting. Your hair will just be burnt: oil combined with sun will be the same as frying.
    I hope all this will help you.
    Isa, congrats and thank you for your job!

  3. Ondine – I have some ayurvedic coconut oil for skin massage that I got when I was in India. If I am unable to find traditional manoi oil in the U.S., I will try my ayurvedic oil in my hair. Thank you!

  4. well in France you can find it nearly everywhere…if you can’t find it in America, you can always order it on the net…there are several websites selling it…

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