Kool E: live life in the D through his music

“My music is from the heart, nothing is falsified. I’m all about making a change in people through my music.”
Deep, real, lyrical, Kool E introduces you into his world. His song Proof shows that reaching something can be a real clamber. Kool E reminds you that nothing comes easy, you gotta struggle to reach your goals.
Dark piano sound combined with drums introduce the song. Kool E’s good flow delivery is enhanced with his lyrical skills.
Kool E describes his world with an amazing sense of reality.
The G introduces you into a gangsta world made of drug sells. Keyboard sounds, drums and rhythmic beats introduce you into the streets of Detroit where survival is law.
Hate featuring Sweezee Don is a beautiful example of what Kool E can do. Xylophones, nice vocals, oriental sounds, scratches will make you fully enjoy the beautiful track Kool E aimed at his haters. « Hate me not, hate on my crown » is Kool E’s motto. The talented emcee attacks style biters and all kind of enemies in his well handled track.
Kool E is currently signed to the Got Beats Records label and has released a 5 tracks EP called Street Literature.
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Eugene Jordan aka Kool E is an original and interesting artist who shows some obvious skills. Have a look!