Cultura Londres: a Latino hip hop flavor in the British Capital

Who is Cultura Londres?
Cultura Londres is a Latino hip hop group based in the British Capital that collaborates with Latino hip hop artists worldwide.
The group is composed of Tiago , Rich Eric Bobo, Suzi, Juan and Tallman.
The interesting thing also is that Cypress Hill’s drummer, Eric Bobo, is getting involved in Cultura Londres. He has indeed become Cultura Londres’ official drummer and is featured on Cultura Londres Todo debut EP.
Unfortunately, I don’t understand Spanish, but what I know is that Cultura Londres brings a lot of sunshine into cloudy and rainy London through its Spanish vocals and the festive atmosphere that is typical to the Latino culture.
The Good Times video that is exposed on Cultura Londres’ my space account uses some Spanish vocals and introduces the listener into a soft but rhythmic atmosphere that is underlined by some spicy salsa accents.
Among the song exposed on their my space account, I already commented Fiesta on my latest Eric Bobo review.
The Chant EP song contrasts with the rhythmic and offensive La Piedra and Systema EP with its soft and deep vocals. It introduces you into a quite mystical atmosphere that is reinforced by the instrumentals.
More about Cultura Londres can be found on their official website.
Check them out!
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