Little personal thoughts about Eminem’s possible return into the world of the movies

Some say that Eminem is back. After the news of his Re-Up mixtape in collaboration with DJ Woo Kid, many people rejoice after hearing the news of Eminem’s possible return into the world of acting.
I am afraid I might disappoint some of my readers, because I’m not the kind of fan who says « amen » to everything Eminem says or does.
Supportive? Yes, in any case. Blind? No. I refuse to be. I leave that part to the groupies.
MTV and other media spread the news a few days ago, informing people that Eminem was likely to play in a TV drama entitled « ‘Have Gun — Will Travel’ ».
First of all, let me tell you that I doubt the degree of relevancy of that news. Since he played in 8 Mile, magazines and tabloids haven’t stopped gossiping about Eminem’s different roles in various movies. I never found those news credible, since Eminem himself stated about how much the making of 8 Mile was living hell for him and that he wasn’t keen on making another movie.
Moreover, I could barely picture Marshall Mathers playing in a movie after all he went through recently.
Second, let me explain why I really lack enthusiasm about the remake of the TV drama mentioned on MTV news.
In 8 Mile, Marshall was convincing and touching. Even if the movie was semi biographical, the talented rapper managed to make neophytes enter into the world of rap music and hip hop culture. Eminem guided people through his struggle and described the many struggles that are so familiar to underground rappers. This was about Detroit, his story, his context, his dreams, his flame for the music.
8 Mile is one of my favorite movies, ever and it is mainly due to Eminem’s talent. However, people have to remember that Marshall Mathers was made for this Jimmy Smith Jr Role.
The idea of him playing in a cheap TV role like Ice T’s recent cop roles doesn’t really enchant me. Sounds to me like Eminem is about to turn Hollywood and, honestly, I don’t like it that much. Hopefully, it is one of the numerous untrue stories posted on the net.
What I really like about Marshall Mathers is his talent for rap music. Nothing would please me more than to see him ready to bless the mic once again.
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2 thoughts on “Little personal thoughts about Eminem’s possible return into the world of the movies”

  1. In addition to MTV News it was also on FOX news last night. So….
    I agree with you on the music aspect. I really want to hear the new one D12 is doing.
    Hope all is well with you sweetie! Keep up the good work!
    your loyal reader

  2. I loved Em in 8 Mile But, Marshall playing a bounty hunter seems off the wall. He’s too cute to play a tough guy role…But, I wish him the best of luck with the new movie. What is going to happen to D 12…will they replace Proof. If anyone hears keep me updated.

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