How to fight harassment of any kind on the net

The internet is the place where the whole world connects. It is actually a rich cobweb where you can meet the most interesting people. I myself have met people there I would maybe never have met in real life, mainly because of the distance, but also probably because we are from different social and cultural backgrounds.
However, sometimes we are confronted with people who become a nuisance in our lives -through the net.
Some of them can turn into stalkers, blackmailers etc. Some others dare to threaten us, acting like the wannabe thugs they actually are.
First rule: DO NOT BE SCARED.
This is only the internet. Such people have a little illusion of « power » when they make those kind of threats. Remember not to enter into their game. Tell them that you are not scared of them and then totally ignore them, as if they had never been part of your « cyber life ».
Second rule: IGNORE THEM
People who are keen on stalking or harassing other people only live by your fear. The more you fear them, the more they harass you.
Put an end to this whole bullshit by blocking your enemy’s email address in case he/ she is sending you loads of emails.
Remember that nobody is ever gonna stomp you nor gun you down via the net. Also remember to be cautious: don’t give out your personal info on the net.
No matter what kind of person is after you on the net, most of them internet cowards disappear from your life when you don’t pay them any kind of attention.
You have the power to stop the whole thing. Don’t allow anybody on the net to make your life a living hell and enjoy talking to people who are really worth it.

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  1. what is upp woman!! =p i get harrassed alot… esp in myspace. but owell =/
    anyway… em is gonna do another movie!! u prob have heard but i dunno.. its not posted in here lol. i got this news from the movie is gonna be (i think) a remake… called Have Gun Will Travel… its said that he’ll play a hero… (??)
    errr uhh read it here :
    happy tues/wednesday! =)

  2. I don’t think this info is reliable…that’s why i didn’t post anything yet…i might express on the subject later…but seriously, i am not interested in seeing Em in such kind of movie…if he really makes a come back, i wanna see him RAP.
    Besides his role in 8 Mile, i am not sure he will be convincing at all…

  3. Em has shown amazing acting abilities in 8-Mile and in all of his videos. It will be interesting to seem him stretch his acting skills in this new role!! I read he might be involved in the movie’s soundtrack, in some way, too. Partly, I’m excited because I used to watch the “Have Gun Will Travel” show all the time as a kid.

  4. no i agree…. its kinda out of his element to do somthign like that… i mean a western thing. but i dont know, it said that they’ll twist it to the detroit scene. the “hero” thing kinda makes me go ickk though. well hope to get info about it when you find out!

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