Eminem accuser arrested on misdemeanor charges

A 23-year-old man who accused rapper Eminem of stealing his lyrics has been arrested on three misdemeanor charges.
Somerset Borough police charged Shawn Steven Baker Thursday (May 25) with harassment, making terrorist threats and disorderly conduct after he left 12 threatening messages over the past three months with the Somerset County district attorney’s office and county detectives.
The aspiring rapper, who resides in Meyersdale, left the messages in response to authorities’ slow response to a private criminal complaint he filed with the DA in February against Eminem.
In the complaint, Baker claims Eminem stole rhymes with lyrics for two songs, “Rain Man,” and “Just Lose It.”
The Tribune-Democrat reports that Baker’s complaint was dismissed by the DA’s office, who later received what police referred to as threatening phone messages with foul language, as well as a packet of information on civil rights and copyright violations.
Among the victims listed on an affidavit of probable cause were district attorney Jerry Spangler, secretary Kim Darr and Detectives Jason Hunter and Scott Fogleson.
The affidavit also stated that Baker ignored warnings from the DA’s office to stop the calls.
Charges were brought after authorities reviewed phone records and victims’ statements.
Baker has since been arraigned and sent to Somerset County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond.

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  1. Em don’t need to steal lyrics. If you have ever listened to his music, it tells a story about his life…like his tattoos.

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