Stop the shootings, for the music’s sake!

It is getting hotter than July in Detroit City at the moment. Toting pistols and killing rappers has become a dark habit. In a city where rap music used to be a passion in the late 80’s, gun talks are becoming are more and more frequent rule. Sad? Certainly, yes.
It is not all about the music any more: it is all about local rivalries, jealousies, hypocrisies and violence.
I love Detroit City, even if I never went there. I was introduced into Detroit rap thanks to Eminem and I live in Detroit through the music. The music and the context of the city are familiar to me and I enjoy writing about it and discovering new artists from the Detroit underground scene very much. I am very much conscious that the Detroit hood has never been really calm and that many conflicts oppose different clans and musical tendencies. However, the current situation is becoming too much violent and overheated.
On New Year’s Eve, December the 31st , somebody shot Obie Trice in the head on a freeway. The talented emcee miraculously survived to the shooting.
Unfortunately, April the 11th put an end to Deshaun Holton aka Proof’s life. Despite the fact we know that Mario Ethridge, the bouncer of 7 Mile’s CCC club killed Proof after an argument D12’s member had with his cousin Keith Bender. People say Proof shot first on Bender, signing his own death. I have seen a quite insulting coverage regarding Proof’s death from the media, despite the fact the circumstances of his death are still unclear and that the only witnesses come from Bender’s family and report one side of the story.
I knew Deshaun Holton as an artist. I have seen him in concert and my heart is telling me that this man who has always been real in his words would not have shot on another man without being in real danger.
I am asking people who are into serious journalism to prejudge a situation that is still veiled to us until they get more insight about it.
On a side note, I’d like to address to the white persons from the suburbs whose unpleasant comments I have been reading on the net like « black rappers like to get shot » to please shut their dirty mouths unless they want me to rip them off verbally. Yes, I am white like you, but the difference between you and me is that I respect black people and will never consider them as second zone citizens.
It is enough to see black people struggling to get out of their misery by trying to launch successful careers and the get shot like animals in the streets. Yea, the streets are a jungle. Guess who is responsible for the system? The stupid government and its President. I have mad respect for you, Ice Cube, for expressing the truth in Why We Thugs.
One more drama happened in Detroit last Friday: somebody shot Rufus Johnson, D12’s Bizarre’s wife. She was fortunate to be alive. Rufus’ wife recovering from her injuries.
I am afraid there might be a link between the three shootings. Somebody seems to be angry against the Shady clan.
All of you haters who prompt to kill, do you realize that you deprive husbands from their wives and kids? Keep your jealousy in your disses and stop the shootings, for the music’s sake!

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