Twister/ 16 Bars/ song review

Rating: 4 Stars
16 Bars aka The Talk Of London is one of my new discoveries regarding British rap who has fully convinced me of his talent.
The British emcee has a new song exposed on his my space account.
Twister is a nice song that will introduce you into 16 Bars’ fight that is all about realness and making it in the harsh rap business.
With his charming British accent, 16 Bars nevertheless shows a lot of offensiveness and breaks his rivals’ neck. There is no place for weak emcees in his game.
Feel the entertaining rhythm, the enthusiasm of an emcee who is ready to rock the mic. Keyboard and drum sounds in the background hammer and intensify the fighting atmosphere.
When 16 Bars spits his hood anthem, be ready to be caught in the middle of a verbal hurricane.
So what distinguishes 16 Bars from many average emcees from the UK?
I’d say the passion, the realness, his lyrical skills.
Check out his brand new song here and nod your head to the track.