Terrorized Mindz

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you probably heard of Ohio group , Hydro& Diabolic from Homicidal Records.
Diabolic, the member with the gritty voice, decided to associate his talent with another underground emcee, Demonic. Full of this devilish composition and enraged as well, the two Ohio emcees spit their verbal venom.
It Won’t Die is built on strong keyboard sounds and catchy beats. Diabolic, who is known for his angry voice has a nice flow delivery too.
True hip hop soldier, Diabolic puts a lot of energy into his offensive track. Ready to conquer his world, Diabolic’s lyrics are built in an astute way.
Don’t Get Caught Up is a beautiful hood anthem. The song describes life in the streets with an amazing sense of realness. Follow the life of two OG’s on the run, trying to hide from the dirty cops.
Welcome To Tha G City starts with hammering piano, harpsichord and keyboard sounds. Feel the atmosphere of the G city where drama is present on a daily basis: murder, sluts, drugs, thugs and guns. Listen to the story of a Northsider and realize that life in the ghetto is no fun. Danger and darkness are present. Nobody care and you can’t trust anyone. The track is rhythmic, both rappers have a good flow delivery and the lyrics make the track highly enjoyable.
Ride On Whoever is an offensive track built on the hustling theme. Feel the routine of two soldiers who are determined never to fall and to make money with their passion for the music. Meet two focused emcees on their crazy ride.
Discover more about both emcees from Ohio on their website and their my space account.