Face it: Eminem is part of Black America

I am very much conscious that this article might raise a lot of controversy among my readership. However, like I stated it before, I never write to please anybody. If you don’t like what I have to say, you’d better skip this article straight away. The truth has to be told anyway.
Marshall Mathers is full part of Black America in my opinion. He is the white rapper who deserves the utmost respect for what he achieved in a mainly black musical world.
How many of you readers, have taken time to have a look at the White America lyrics?
I’m not talking about a superficial reading. I’m talking about an attentive examination of the lyrics mentioned above.
The chorus of White America teaches us something. At the beginning of it, Marshall Mathers states:
« White America, I could be one of your kids… »
Yes, you heard it well. Eminem didn’t say « White America, I am one of your kids… », he said « I could be one of your kids » which means that he is not a kid of white America. Marshall Mathers is a part of the (so much hated by the government) black America from the ghettos. His skin is white, but he is very close to black folks.
No, he is not « from Warren », like many persons like to state it, even if he also spent some time in Detroit’s white ghetto.
When Marshall Mathers moved to Detroit, he lived across 8 Mile with his mom- on the black side- because Debbie Mathers couldn’t afford the white side anyway.
Young Marshall lived among black people. Some of them beat him up at school and outside. It nearly cost him his life twice.
But the most important is that this white kid grew up in black culture, made true friendships with black people. Moreover, he had a passion for rap music and the dream to make it as a rapper. A dream he never gave up.
Marshall Mathers has earned my respect, unlike other white rappers trying to fit into a culture that isn’t theirs and trying to play it cool.
Unfortunately, Eminem’s success created a generation of white rapping wannabes. It is quite sad, but Eminem’s overwhelming success has made some white guys think that they could make it in the rap game- with no talent and no real roots in hip hop culture.
Don’t misinterpret my words. I have reviewed some good white aspiring emcees. Today, I am ranting against the wannabes in the game.
Eminem deserves your respect, folks. He never pretented to be anything else than the person he actually is: a white man who grew up in black culture. He never denied his skin color, nor did he « act black » or talk « ebonics » just to be regarded as cool. Eminem’s accent from the Detroit hood is natural. He grew up there.
Marshall Mathers is an exceptionally gifted person in the game who has always been true to himself and to the rap game.
That’s why anybody calling him a « wigga » is totally wrong, and even ridiculous.
I could give you many examples of wiggas in the rap game, but I won’t name names out of discretion.
You can find white dudes from the suburbs who want to play it « black » and who act like the true wankstas they are. I deeply despise those guys who have a fake attitude and who are totally deprived of any musical talent.
Possessing a gun doesn’t make a gangsta of you, nor does it give you any ghetto credibility. Showing guns in public only makes some guys look like the ass clowns they actually are.
Leave ghetto behaviors to ghetto people. No matter if you’re black or white, don’t fake your attitudes.
An emcee doesn’t have to write gangsta lyrics to write good lyrics. Be true to yourself. Moreover, if you write poor quality lyrics and make some average music, leave the rap game to somebody else and do what you are gifted for.
Yes, I am angry. Angry against all those hypocrites trying to be the next Marshall Mathers when they are totally deprived of talent and definitely come from a different background than his. Emcees, don’t try to fool your listeners, because your fakeness will shine on sooner or later if you don’t speak from your heart.
Yes, Marshall Mathers addresses to White America. He bridges both: black and white ghetto culture.
He is also an eye opener to you comfortable white kids from the suburbs. You suburban kids who like his music should definitely try to understand the context where he comes from before trying to imitate and try to fit into a game that ain’t yours.