Two new hot Mr Miggs’ songs for your ears’ pleasure

Global rating of the songs: 4 stars
Mr Miggs is that hot emcee from California who will make you feel enthusiastic about his skills.
Mr Miggs released two brand new songs entitled Southside and NY to Cali.
South Side is introduced by some rapid piano and keyboard sounds. You feel the tension and the struggle of the man who is always on the run. Listen to Mr Miggs’ story and enjoy his unstoppable flow. Gunshots are part of the landscape too.
Picture ghetto life in its scary dimension. Picture a place where each move is a harsh fight to survive. It has been a long way for Mr Miggs before he started rapping. Southside is a rhythmic track where each hammering piano sounds symbolizes a knife stab.
Follow Mr Miggs in his crazy ride.
NY To Cali is another beautiful track you will probably like too.
Rhythmic and various instrumentals enlighten Mr Miggs’ incredible skills. NY To Cali is a heated track with the full gangsta flavor. Don’t mess with Mr Miggs, he has connections from NY to Cali. Feel the overheated atmosphere and the gun talks.
Mr Miggs has an incredible artistic potential. His creativity, his good skills, his rapid flow and the choice of powerful instrumentals make his tracks very much enjoyable.
Check the new Mr Miggs songs here.

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  1. hey isabelle. have you heard of rhyme sayers?? u should check it out.. they have some good underground battle mc’s and artists. (P.O.S, Atmospehre, Eydea & Ablilties etc) (i just discovered it =) ).

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