Obie Trice/ Cry Now/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
When Sick Notes decide to combine their talent with Obie Trice’s the results can only be fantastic. A new Obie Trice out of Second Rounds On Me has been leaked on the net. It is definitely worth your attention.
Open your ears wide: the song will probably amaze you.
As the song begins, trumpets, melodic vocals, piano sounds and rhythmic beats will allow to step into a universe where realness is everything. People who know Obie Trice also know that there is no place for fabrications on his songs. Down to earth, natural in his behavior, Obie Trice is a real life guy.
The track targets the people that are behind his shooting at New Year’s Eve. Some coward shot Obie in the head on a freeway. This person probably didn’t expect Obie Trice to survive miraculously to the shooting.
Electric guitars, combined with drums and trumpet sounds will make you feel the tension and the harshness of the struggle in rap game.
You murderers and haters wanna destroy artists you are jealous of. Like Deshaun Holton expressed it in one of his latest videos, you can kill the artist, but you cannot kill the music.
You murderers are monsters. You tear family fathers apart from their families. You are making desperate attempts to annihilate what you losers will never be. That’s the point in Obie’s brand new song.
Cry Now. Your tricks have been fully exposed.
Cry Now is definitely worth your listen. Also, enjoy the lyrical effort O Trice put into his songs.
Stop the violence. You can’t and won’t kill real talent anyway.