Emotionally Burned/Papa Graz/ song review

Rating: 3.75 stars
Papa Graz’ song, featuring Katy is an hymn to all the bleeding hearts. Sometimes we fall in love with a person who plays with our soul, our feelings and eventually destroys us.
Love stories don’t always have a happy ending. How many of us have had our feelings hurt and felt like trampled on when somebody tried to abuse us emotionally and totally ruined our life?
Papa Graz introduces you into a young girl’s story:
« She was sweet and gentle with the brain and the heart of a soldier/ he was needy and mental with the make of a snake but colder/ told her all of his lies/ the fuckin’ devil in disguise/ got in her soul and planted the seeds of her demise/ wise, she usually is/ lost in his eyes, let the games commence/ it took me by surprise, didn’t make no sense/ but I knew down the line that she’d come to resent/ all the time heart and soul that he would invest/ I could but she couldn’t see why she’d regret it/ she let him devour her soul/ now it’s a little tainted and cold/ behold the power of a snake’s venemous hold/ now she cries her eyes out at night over what you stole// »
The chorus is beautifully handled. It introduces the listener into a sad and realistic dimension. It raises a question: why do we have to be broken to learn a lesson?
The friend watches the young girl’s pain and will be her shoulder to lean on:
« It was so hard for me to watch him decieve/ knowin’ damn well that he would eventually leave/ then who would be there to pick up the pieces?/ when I call him a punk bitch, best believe I’m not teasing/ don’t even need a reason to wanna make him be bleedin’/ I feel her pain like we’re joined at the nerves/ cuz I’ve been cheated too and I know how it hurts/ what he did to you you know you did not deserve/ so if you wanna see him in pain, just sit back and observe/ cuz he went back to her and she’s just him in a skirt/ no matter what happens you know one thing’s for sure/ when you need me, I’ll be there with my shoulder// »
Nostalgic piano sounds and keyboards introduce Papa Graz’ song.
Violins in the background will intensify the emotional dimension of the song.
The subject is very emotional and people who have experienced heart pains will be able to relate to the song. Papa Graz’ song is an interesting piece of work. However, little technical weaknesses spoil the quality of the song. Papa Graz will have to work on the acoustic quality of his tracks, for the listeners’ comfort.
Besides the defaults mentioned above, Papa Graz’ song is worth your listen. Check it out here.