16 Bars/ My X Is A Stripper/ song review

Rating: 3.75 stars
16 Bars is this hip hop artist with the London flavor in his music. If you liked my preceding review of his music, you’ll probably be interested in his brand new song review.
16 Bars introduces the theme of his ex girlfriend with a lot of humor. Instrumentally, the song is interesting and should raise the listener’s attention: guitars, keyboards, trumpets and rhythmic claps introduce you into a Mexican sounding melody. The song is an obvious invitation to dance.
16 Bars’ message is full of wittiness and any listener with a sense of humor will probably enjoy the artist’s funny words aimed at his ex girlfriend: « My ex is a stripper, but she’s a good girl I miss her ».
The deeper you go into 16 Bars’ subject, the more you realize about how manipulative his ex girlfriend actually is. The ex girlfriend is revealed as a « beautiful nightmare » and as a person who is very much keen on financial gains. Unreliable and scandalous as well, the ex girlfriend knows how to make ships out of her numerous relationships.
Enjoy the lyrics while dancing along to the song.
Explore 16 Bars’ brand new song here.