Dresta Da Gangsta/ Dirty West mixtape Volume I and II/ review

Rating: 4.5 stars
Compton’s back! Wanna travel through the streets of Compton with a true rider and listen to some good hip hop? Dresta Da Gangsta is here to guide you through his universe. I promise you that you will like what you’ll hear. So close your eyes and let your ears wide open for some moments of pure musical pleasure.
There are two many tracks on Dresta’s mixtape to review each of them. However, I will summarize the impressions I got from listening to it.
Time to wake up: don’t sleep on that artist!
Volume I
Track Nr 2 is introduced by some powerful instrumentals and lyrics. Dresta is back with his gangsta flow, bringing those beautiful Westcoast sounds to you. He is ready to murder you lyrically. Nobody talks better about the Compton ghetto and the streets of California than people who grew up there. Offensive, determined to take over, Dresta will make you feel his fight. You can’t fuck with him: he is real in his music and in his words.
On Volume I, I recommend you Dresta’s Lean Back Remix and his kinky Nr6 Dyke Over Night track.
Track Nr 4 is based on dark cello sounds that will make you feel the drama. Dresta is not here to please the music industry, he talks about the hood’s dramas. People in the hood are starving and Dresta shows no mercy in his words.
Track Nr 5 is rhythmic and will make you travel through the streets of Cali.
Compton’s Back is one of those melodic tracks that won’t leave the listeners indifferent and it says it all. The spirit of the hood of Compton is back. Expect some good Westcoast sounds again that go along with ghetto stories and bad bitches tales.
Volume II
The introduction to Volume II also finds Dresta sleeping and is a powerful wake up call that will lead you to track Nr2, a remix of Tupac and Eazy E’s How We Do. The Westcoast is back for those who doubted it. You can’t fuck with them OG’s.
Come Together is constructed with some rhythmic drum beats and soft piano sound. Feel a man on the run in the ghetto with his fellows. Dresta is not about the bling bling bullshit, he is a man who speaks out the truth and draws the streets the way they are.
The Realest In Rap is a beautiful track aimed at the haters. Very well handled instrumentally and lyrically, the song will make you realize that Dresta is the real deal in Compton. A man is ready to put Compton again on the map and to conquer the game.
Don’t miss Revenge a track that is beautifully remixed on Dr Dre instrumentals. Dresta’s voice sounds quite surrealistic and the emcee dedicates the track to all the soldiers locked behind the gates, including his brother BG Knocc Out.
« Compton’s Finest » has some delightful moments of pure hip hop to offer to his listeners. Gun talks, bad bitches, racial discrimination and certified gangstas trying to survive in the hood are part of the program.
Download Dresta’ s Dirty West mixtape, Volume I and II here.

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  1. ive been trying to find dresta dyke overnight for…oh i dunno….like a bloody year now and i can find it…i wana know where i can get this mix tape from…

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