Dresta Da Gangsta: the Westcoast is ready to take over

Never heard of Dresta? A.Wicker aka Dresta is BG Knocc Out’s elder brother. Both men grew up in the streets of Compton, used to hang out with Compton legend Eazy E.
Their Real Brothas album that came out in 1994
After long years of absence, Dresta Da Gangsta is back, stronger than ever, ready to take over the Westcoast with his tight sounds and lyrics. Real in his words, Dresta is dropping bombs and speading like a forest fire. Dresta tells you about life in the ghetto the way it is.
Don’t miss his recent song, Crip Blue. The beautifully handled track has a blues/ reggae flavor. Feel the nostalgia and envision black people’s pain.
Too many details can make you feel blue when you live in the hood: black men shooting on black men, haters claiming unity of the Westcoast when all they have are big egos, black kids growing up without their fathers. Blood spills, Death Row executions, double standards whether you’re black or white. Sad situations created by a greedy and racist government.
The words are raw and describe reality in its nudity. Listen to Dresta’s complaint to the Lord and feel compassionate towards folks who only have one wish: be treated equally and breathe.
Dyke Over Night is an entertaining track. Based on piano, violins and keyboard and rhythmic drum sounds, the song will lead you into a very kinky atmosphere.
Isn’t a threesome most of men’s dream?
Ok, follow Dresta’s trying to turn his regular girlfriend into a lesbian over night. Feel the excitement and how Dresta slowly leads his girl into an unknown « paradise » made of sensuality and pleasure.
Drums and keyboards introduce We Gon Blow. The rhythmic song introduces you into a real G’s fight. No place for the wankstas in his worlds. Dresta is currently trying to get his brother BG Knocc Out out of jail. Be sure of it, both men are gonna blow.
Dresta and his brother are one of the most beautiful demonstration of talent I could see recently. Hip hop is in the state of 911 and it is in the urgent need of artists who keep it real in their words and music.
Curious about Compton artist Dresta Da Gangsta?
You can check out his personal website and his my space account, then.
More Dresta to come in my upcoming reviews of his Dirty West mixtape Vol I and II.