D12 to record despite death of bandmate

DETROIT (AP) – Rap group D12, which includes Eminem, plans to continue recording a new album despite the shooting death of bandmate Proof.
“If people think that because he’s not here we’re not going to keep doing what we’re doing, then they’re wrong,” said D12 member Denaun Porter, who goes by the rap name Kon Artis.
Proof, whose real name was Deshaun Holton, was shot to death last month at an after-hours bar on 8 Mile Road. Police say he was killed after shooting to death another man, Keith Bender Jr. Bender’s cousin faces weapons charges in Proof’s death while the Wayne County prosecutor’s office considers the possibility of more serious charges.
The group expects to resume recording next month after one its members, Swift, gets out of jail on a probation violation, Porter told the Detroit Free Press for a story Friday.

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  1. we need new shit from Eminem and D12. come out with it already life goes on, lets hear it

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