Cardiac Legacy: back to the essence of hip hop

Cardiac Legacy is an underground rapper who has some new sounds to offer to his listeners. His music sounds warmhearted towards a hip hop culture and will make you feel the love that animates his soul.
Shorty Story introduces you into a manipulative girlfriend’s world. The rhythmic track has a Spanish flavor and Cardiac’s flow will downpour to the listener’s delight.
The Heartstoppa starts with intense heartbeats and introduces you into the world of true world of US hip hop. Claps, flute sounds and nice beats will make you feel the passion Cardiac Legacy puts into his music. Like the heart playing a major role in a human’s body, pumping blood and being determinant to keep you alive, Cardiac Legacy shows the listener how much real hip hop is vital to his ears.
Get Them Arms Up is a very entertaining track where Cardiac legacy shows some undeniable lyrical skills and a nice flow delivery.
Some pure delightful moments of true hip hop are offered to you from Cardiac’s mouth. Beats and instrumentals are nicely handled too.
Yea Yea is a freestyle that won’t probably leave you listeners indifferent. Cardiac Legacy spits some fire on this track.
Globally, Cardiac Legacy is really worth your interest. The skilled emcee will bring you back to the roots of real hip hop. Check him out here and enjoy his talent.